John J Siegel, Jr, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Insight Terminal Solutions, LLC (“ITS”)

Mr. Siegel has over 30 years of experience as a founder, owner and operator of vertically integrated coal mining, sales and related companies. Mr. Siegel was the founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Bowie Resource Partners, LLC (“BRP”), formed in 2013, between Mr. Siegel and a subsidiary of Trafigura, AG (one of the largest commodities traders in the world). At the time, BRP was the largest producer of Western Bituminous coal and the only producer with US West Coast export capacity through the Ports of Stockton and Richmond, California. Mr. Siegel successfully sold significant quantities of Western Bituminous coal into Japan, South Korea, China, Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile, just to name a few of the countries served by BRP. Mr. Siegel transferred the majority of his equity in BRP to Trafigura and its subsidiary earlier this year to concentrate on the Port of Oakland project.

Prior to BRP, Mr. Siegel founded Green Bay Fuels in 1985, purchased Jader Fuels in 1998, and purchased the Bowie No. 2 Mine in Colorado in 2009, (the precursor of BRP).

While heading Green Bay Fuels Mr. Siegel pioneered the “Distribution Center” concept where he partnered with consuming utilities by delivering unit trains of coal to the utility (for its own consumption) and then trucking additional product on a “just in time” basis from the utility to industrial consumers which greatly reduced transportation, logistics, storage and handling costs to the industrial consumers. Coal publications lauded the concept, one headline reading… “Kentucky company to revolutionize industrial procurement.”

Mr. Siegel later partnered with the former Director of Tax of General Electric Energy Financial Services (division of GE Capital) to produce and market nearly $1 billion of Synthetic Fuels Tax Credits to Deutsche Bank and Lehmann Brothers. Mr. Siegel is also active in Tax Credits generated from Refined Coal under §45 of the Internal Revenue Code dealing principally with Berkshire Hathaway Energy and PacifiCorp sites.

Early in 2018, Mr. Siegel founded Insight Terminal Solutions, LLC (“ITS”) for the purpose of subleasing the subject West Gateway Property (“Army Base”) from Oakland Bulk Oversized Terminal, LLC (“OBOT”). OBOT has a 66-year lease with the City of Oakland of the subject Terminal property.

ITS intends to build and operate a state-of-the-art multi-bulk commodities terminal with annual throughput capacity of 6-10 million tons of bulk product, which ITS believes will transform how various commodities are moved throughout the world.

Mr. Siegel holds a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Joseph’s college of Rensselaer, Indiana. He attended Law School at the University of Louisville-Louis D. Brandeis School of Law.

James J. Wolff, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Wolff has over 30 years of experience in the energy and transportation industries, with a diverse background in finance, operations and business development. Mr. Wolff possesses substantial IPO, M&A and divestitures experience with companies generating revenues between $300 million and $8 billion. Prior to joining ITS he was CFO of Bowie Resources, the CFO of U.S. Coal Corporation and has held senior executive positions with Energy Coal Resources, American Commercial Lines and CSX Corporation. Mr. Wolff holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Texas and attended South Texas College of Law.